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Junk Science And Climate

The recent global warming scandal was riddled with deliberate deception and imaginative propaganda that CO2 was causing harm to our planet. This led to completely unnecessary and devastating economic policies. Billions of dollars have been unnecessarily wasted on climate change programs. The world was deliberately deceived. The climate hucksters succeeded because they attacked anyone who dared to question them. They got away with it because the experts who knew better also knew it was all about access to government grants and were intimidated into silence. They got away with it because no-one wanted to point out that the emperor was nude. The human impact caused by trying to turn America into a third rate economic power was ignored. The global warming lobby held sway in the halls of Congress and so anti-business and anti-jobs were the constant themes of legislation on Capital Hill. Dr. Tim Ball writes:

How can they get away with such incredible arrogance and deception? Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres of the UN Framework Convention on Climate (UNFCC) said “Let me be clear – there is no magic bullet, no one climate agreement that will solve everything right now,” “To expect that is naive. However, I am certain the world can do this step by step, but only if we keep on walking firmly in the right direction, including at Cancun.” She is talking about stopping or controlling climate change. Clearly Ms. Figueres knows nothing about climate science or doesn’t want to know.

There is nothing to solve except how the world was deceived that humans are the sole cause of climate change and therefore it can be controlled. It’s a delusion of modern, technologically, and bureaucratically arrogant people. She should know the cost of the delusion that human CO2 is causing climate change has produced. How people are being subjected to serious social and economic harm that borders on atrocities. Maybe her degree in anthropology would help her resolve this and other resulting issues. Maybe she could explain how a group of people who falsified data, practiced inaccurate and inadequate science, convinced governments to introduce completely unnecessary and harmful policies, and fooled the Nobel Committee into giving them a Peace Prize. To call what they did a contribution to peace is an intellectual farce. But it is not a farce to consider that it appears to fit the definition of Crimes against Humanity. Mass atrocities are organized crimes whose perpetrators need money, weapons, transportation, and other means to commit widespread and systematic violence against civilians. A country, commercial entity, or individual enables mass atrocities when it provides resources, goods, services, or other practical support to the perpetrator, and when this support is a critical ingredient in the commission of the atrocities.

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The Media’s Double Standard And Al Gore

There are still those who cling to the great global warming hoax as if it were a life raft in the middle of an ocean. The only problem is that the life raft is sinking and its passengers are ignoring the problem. Columnist Burt Prelutsky writes:

“It is mainly liberals who are the simpletons who took up global warming as a cause and made a god of Al Gore, ignoring the fact that Gore was making millions of dollars off the hoax. You would think that left-wingers, especially the many atheists in their ranks, would question a god who not only made a fortune out of his holy mission, but refused to debate the issue and only spoke to true believers. And how is it that the same people who so eagerly point out the big homes, the fancy jewelry and all the other signs of religious hypocrisy for which televangelists are noted, aren’t the least bit skeptical of Mr. Gore? Apparently if a televangelist like Gore talks about the weather, instead of the hereafter, liberals not only don’t denounce him as a fraud, they give him the left-wing trifecta: an Emmy, an Oscar and the Nobel Peace Prize. Liberals pay no attention to the fact that when a few people actually noticed that the earth and the oceans were cooling, Gore and his pet ‘scientists’ quickly began referring to ‘climate change’ and eventually to ‘global climate disruption.’ It didn’t matter to them if things were heating up or cooling down; all that really mattered was that they had a cause and could use it as a way to butt their way into everybody’s business. Now we have those lousy light bulbs to contend with.”

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