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Ethanol Is No Longer A “Sacred Cow”

Al Gore has long been known for lauding the virtues of ethanol. He even cast the tie-breaking vote as vice president to subsidize ethanol producers. “Global Warming” Al, however, now says his support for ethanol was a “mistake.” He now claims that his mistake was influenced by what the farmers of his home state wanted. The result of his vote was to impose an ethanol subsidy that added nearly $5 billion to the federal deficit last year alone. Gore commented that, “It’s hard once such a program is put in place to deal with the lobbies that keep it going.” In other words, it looks like Americans will continue to pay for an ethanol development program that cannot achieve the purpose for which it was created.

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The Media’s Double Standard And Al Gore

There are still those who cling to the great global warming hoax as if it were a life raft in the middle of an ocean. The only problem is that the life raft is sinking and its passengers are ignoring the problem. Columnist Burt Prelutsky writes:

“It is mainly liberals who are the simpletons who took up global warming as a cause and made a god of Al Gore, ignoring the fact that Gore was making millions of dollars off the hoax. You would think that left-wingers, especially the many atheists in their ranks, would question a god who not only made a fortune out of his holy mission, but refused to debate the issue and only spoke to true believers. And how is it that the same people who so eagerly point out the big homes, the fancy jewelry and all the other signs of religious hypocrisy for which televangelists are noted, aren’t the least bit skeptical of Mr. Gore? Apparently if a televangelist like Gore talks about the weather, instead of the hereafter, liberals not only don’t denounce him as a fraud, they give him the left-wing trifecta: an Emmy, an Oscar and the Nobel Peace Prize. Liberals pay no attention to the fact that when a few people actually noticed that the earth and the oceans were cooling, Gore and his pet ‘scientists’ quickly began referring to ‘climate change’ and eventually to ‘global climate disruption.’ It didn’t matter to them if things were heating up or cooling down; all that really mattered was that they had a cause and could use it as a way to butt their way into everybody’s business. Now we have those lousy light bulbs to contend with.”

“The Stupid People’s Brains”

James Lee was opposed to the proliferation of arms and war. This has to make you wonder then: Why would he try to take hostage the 1,900 employees of Discovery Communications in Silver Spring, Maryland? Why does a pacifist resort to guns and bombs to force a corporation to follow his manifesto? Joel McDurmon writes:

Enlightened by Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth as well as a novel about a talking gorilla, James Lee on [last] Wednesday stormed the Discovery Channel building near Washington, D.C. with a gun and homemade (though he was homeless) bombs demanding the corporation change its programming according to his manifesto. The manifesto features themes of disarmament, population reduction, and environmentalist propaganda. Headlines followed.

A three-hour hostage stand-off with police ended with Lee shot dead and no one else hurt. . . .

And the great irony here is that most of the very ideals Lee wanted imposed are already imposed in public schools. This particular demand of Lee’s really strikes me: he wanted the station to hammer home programs that “Talk about Evolution. Talk about Malthus and Darwin until it sinks into the stupid people’s brains until they get it!!” What does he think public education is for?

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Al’s Academy Award Should Have Been For Science Fiction

The global warming hoax really grew wings when former Vice President Al Gore’s wildly inaccurate propaganda-horror film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” was presented to world-wide audiences. Al Gore’s Academy Award-winning documentary convinced many people of a global warming doomsday scenario. It was a classic example of the power of the movie and television screen to become the purveyor of propaganda to manipulate us into voting for a purely secular progressive agenda. John Nolte writes:

At a gut level most left-wing environmentalists know that they’re liars. Intellectually they might have somehow convinced themselves that Mother Earth is in some sort of man-made peril, but deep down inside where the truth won’t be denied, these liars know they’re lying — know that the “green movement” is all about a sinister political agenda to put them in the position of insect overlords in charge of we rubes who stubbornly refuse to let go of the idea that Marxism is a bad thing.

This isn’t true for all of them. Ed Begley Jr. walks the walk, and there are everyday tree-huggers scattered throughout America quietly attempting to make work a sustainable lifestyle. You can smell them from here. But most environmentalists are lying liars who know they’re lying. Because if you honestly believe man is destroying the planet, that the apocalypse is nigh, you prepare for it. Most coastal elites are Global Warming believers and yet Global Warming, we’re told, will make the oceans rise to the point that will someday put much of the coast, especially Manhattan underwater. So why aren’t coastal elites moving inland? Why aren’t they pulling a Lex Luthor and buying up all that cheap property that will someday be the new coast? And why do they continue to burn fossil fuels, enjoy air conditioning, and otherwise consume? Because deep down inside they know what we know: it’s all *#<^ #>\% Socialism disguised as nonsense.

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Little Green Christians And The Big Green Lie

From the desk of Barry Napier:

Thousands of ordinary people have fallen for the Big Green Lie. They know nothing of the real science behind environmentalism, and only repeat what Al Gore and Pals tell them. These greens are superficial; they are ignorant of the facts but follow the trend. If it wasn’t environmentalism it would be something else – maybe mushroom growing, or wearing bow ties

This is because the majority are sheep. That’s why the elite smirkingly refer to them as ‘the masses’ and why they are manipulated by propaganda. They do whatever is in fashion… and the latest fashion is to be green. No real reason, but it makes them accepted by their peers; simple group dynamics. It is also why, no matter how much counter-evidence they are presented with, they will ignore it – they prefer being one of the crowd rather than wise.

Am I trying to be superior? No, but I do know what I am talking about. (which is a fact, not arrogance) I am just stating truths about the human psyche. People will follow no matter what the outcome is. Make them feel they are part of something special and they’ll run ‘til they drop; they’ll carry banners in Copenhagen; they’ll scorn those who have proofs they are wrong; they’ll pay governments huge taxes; they’ll lower their heating and pay through the nose for energy. They just want to be accepted! Sad.

And this is what is happening in Christian circles. By that, I mean people who claim to be Christians, and who claim to believe the Bible. This is astonishing and very odd, because Christians are supposed to be honest and believers of truth. Yet, here they are, running fast to join the greens, despite the frauds, lies and deceptions.

Worse, they claim the Bible is green, and use it to batter other Christians into submission. In this way they become the religious arm of environmentalism, the Inquisitors. Which is weird, because hard-core environmentalism is out to get Christians! One of their deepest aims is to destroy Christianity (and Islam, or any religion with a transcendent ‘god’ or God)!

In other words, green Christians are committing suicide. They cannot bear being outside the mainstream of opinion, even when it destroys them. They run fast like frightened deer, into the nets of the catchers, quoting non-green passages from the Bible. Very odd indeed.

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