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Independent plot vs gated communities -which is best


Tanjore is one of the busiest cities in the state of Tamil Nadu. Commerce, trade, tourism and agriculture generate maximum revenues in this city. Neighboring cities like Kumbakonam, Mayiladuthurai, Seerkazhi and chidamaram are developing fast.

The population in Tanjore has increased tenfold in the recent years since people from other states and countries have started settling in this temple town. If you are planning to migrate to Tanjore with your family members, you must first find reputed plot promoter.

The data relating to real estate in kumbakonam shows that the property sales in and around the city has increased multifold in the recent years. Before analyzing the date related to real estate in kumbakonam, you must take efforts to understand the difference between independent plot and gated community plots Plots in Kumbakonam.

What is independent plots in Kumbakonam? The approved independent plots gives you the liberty to construct dream homes according to your whims and fantasies. You can maintain the property on your own. If you invest in gated community plots, the promoter will maintain your property for a stipulated period. The promoter will monitor the activities happening inside the plots on regular basis.

Gated community plots are safer and secure than independent plots.

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