5 healthy Malaysian foods for lunch


Indian foods like chapathi, Hyderabad chicken biryani, tandoori chicken and tikka are some of the best foods. You can beat the stress and energize your mind sitting and eating at Asian fusion restaurant in Dubai.

Yolk’D is one of the famous restaurants in JLT that attracts worldwide customers. People from eastern and western countries buy latest Malaysian foods from Yolk’D and relish the tasty foods. You can also buy the foods listed below from Yolk’D, which is one of the best Asian fusion restaurants in JLT.

  • Popia basah
  • Grilled chicken and fish
  • Dosai and Chapati
  • Asam laksa
  • Chinese chicken noodles and rice
  • Indian foods

The fancy for modern foods is gaining popularity in Dubai. You can sit and relax inside Yolk’D which is located at the heart of the city. Buying southeastern foods is easier in Yolk’D compared to other hotels.

Are you planning to arrange feast, birthday parties and celebrations in luxurious hotel? You must choose Yolk’D and spend your time happily with dearest ones Curry Laksa in dubai. This premium restaurant which sells hundreds of Asian foods is getting best ratings and reviews. You can eat steamed pau and apam and relish these foods.

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