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How Do You Know You Believe?

Narrow WayPaul Washer:

Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it. (Matthew 7:13-14 NASB)

[E]veryone who believes in Christ is saved by faith alone, but how do you know you believe, especially if we were to dismiss right now and to go to every church person in this county we would find most of them saying they are going to heaven and they believe.

How do we know that we truly believe unto salvation? Well, [Jesus] gives us the answer, the narrow way. The evidence that a person has truly passed through that small gate is that their lifestyle is a lifestyle of living in the narrow way. It goes something like this … A man claims to have confessed Christ, to have trusted in Christ as his Lord and Savior and he rejoices in that – it seems. He seems to be joyful. He even seems to bear fruit at times. But then after a while he steps off the path. He begins to return to the world, stays in the world, loves the world, goes back to the world. Has he lost his salvation? No. Is he saved? No.

By returning to the world, according to the Scripture, he is demonstrating that he never knew Christ and Christ never knew him, that his faith was false from the very first. Or there is a more dangerous type who make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and they enter into the Church and they don’t ever really go back to the world in the sense they don’t ever really leave the Church, but they just sit there. They have got a little bit of religion. They go to church on Sundays. They are not passionate about the Word of God. They are not passionate about knowing Christ. They are not convicted of sin. They never weep over the sin in their life. They are never concerned about genuine fellowship with other believers, but they are in church every Sunday and they are pretty moral, but they do not grow in the things of God nor in their passion for God. That is the most dangerous type and our churches are filled with people like that.

But the true Christian, if he has truly been embraced by Christ and truly embraced Christ, by faith, he walks through that small gate and he is sent on the narrow way and as he walks sometimes it is two steps forward and three steps back, four steps forward and one step back. There is a struggle. There is a fight. There is victory over sin. There is failure, but in his life, the full course of it, you can begin to see progress in godliness. And if at times his heart grows cold and he steps off the path, the Father runs quickly, according to Hebrews 12, and as a father disciplines that believer and brings him back on the path. (“We Have Forgotten that the Way is Narrow”)

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  2. I believe it is possible for a true Christian to backslide in a big way,but they are still saved. I did and God never gave up on me! There is no way we can say for sure who is saved and who is not! It takes time for fruit trees to bear fruit,and all trees don’t grow at the same speed! Paul said in Romans 714~19 That there were things he did that he did not want to do,sinning is still possible for Christians,we don’t continue in our sins for the Holy Spirit will bring us back in line sooner or later,but we are still saved. If your child does wrong over and over even after being punished,is he not still your child,yes he or she is! And we still belong to God forever because of the finished work of Jesus Christ.


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