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Peace that passes Understanding

fear_poster_medRobert Kellemen:

Our goal today is peace that passes understanding—peace that empowers us to live and love like Christ, even if we still feel anxious. Even if we still feel fear, our goal is to face our fears through Christ for God’s glory and the good of others. Nothing is more courageous than doing the right thing, even when we’re terrified. Nothing is more godly than facing our fears, even when they are not eliminated. (“Anxiety: Anatomy and Cure,” The Gospel for Real Life)


3 Responses

  1. I try to understand what that phrase–Peace that passes understanding–means, and I know I haven’t got it yet. This post helps, I think, because it relates it to fear. Do you think maybe the meaning of the phrase is that I can have God’s peace and I won’t understand it?


  2. Jesus is the Peace that passes all understanding and His banner over me is love – a song I learned in Lutheran church. With God’s Grace
    I can apply this to my life and keep it in mind for His Glory. Amen


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