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A Conversation about Sin

7-deadly-sinsI once had a conversation (about Jesus Christ) with a young woman in which she told me emphatically that she was not a sinner and that she had no sins over which to repent. I am curious. Do you think that this attitude is prevalent in the culture of our youth today? How do you think our unchurched family members, friends, and acquaintances define sin?


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  1. This attitude is not only prevalent in our youth today but in the adults also. The darkest of all days will be when those filling the pulpits shall stand in judgment for preaching salvation without the slightest mention of repentance. I’ve heard many similar statements akin to the one made by the young lady revered to in this post. The one I’ve heard the most is, ” I’ve never said or done anything in my life that I’m ashamed of ! ” Obviously the Law has had no affect in the live’s of those that would make such a statement. Sad, very sad.


    • They become their own Gods – setting personal standards of sin which are the products of their own imaginations. Then they compare themselves with others to determine if they are meeting these standards. However, the only standard which counts is God’s standard and they are far from it.


  2. So many people today — and modern culture encourages people to —put their sins behind them, in the dark, in the corner, under the rug. They run from them with everything thy are. It’s only when the light of grace shines on them, revealing not only the sin and hurt, but the mercy that can save them, that they’re able to open their eyes to what they are and what they truly need.


  3. I don’t think we really address the issue of sin as part of our nature. Certainly I didn’t. But when I met Jesus in the book of Matthew he convicted me that I was a sinner and my sin separated me from God. He basically showed me that I was lost and needed a savior. Later I was able to convey a message of sin to children at a level they could understand and then invite them to trust Jesus as their Savior.


    • Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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