On The Death Of My Father

My earthly father died of congestive heart failure during this past week and services were held for him on Saturday, November 13th.  I could say many wonderful things about my father.  I was blessed to be one of his sons.  Besides my love for him and his love for us, there is one thing that stands out about him that runs against the grain of modern times and modern parenting; He was always there for us!  He was a successful father and a successful businessman who provided very well for his family.  He was not perfect, but neither was I a perfect son.

Times of grief usually take me to the Psalms or to Spurgeon.  Today, it is to Spurgeon I am led:

“Therefore bear in mind, beloved, no works of ours, no merit of ours, have any value in the eyes of God – for all is of grace, and all the merit is that of the Lord Jesus, flowing not from us to God but from God to us.”

“I’ve wrestled on towards heaven

‘Gainst storm and wind and tide,

Now like a weary traveler

That leaneth on his guide,

Amid the shades of evening

While sinks life’s lingering sand

I hail the glory dawning

From Immanuel‘s land.” (Charles H. Spurgeon)

In loving memory of Charlie Samuel Cain, Jr. (November 4, 1923 – November 11, 2010)


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