Couple Loses Jobs And Home For Being Too Religious

If you never thought it would happen in the US, read the following article:

The case involves Daniel and Sharon Dixon, the former residents and managers of a Hallmark Companies apartment complex in Georgia. The issue began when the couple’s supervisor visited their office and noticed on the wall artwork of a lily, bearing a phrase from Matthew 6:28 at the bottom.

“She asked if that was religious, and when she found out it was, she asked them to remove it,” accounts Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver. “The wife went to get the husband to come back and talk to the manager, but by that time, the painting was already gone and the manager said, ‘That’s alright; you don’t need to worry about it. You’re fired. You’re too religious.'” The Dixons were given 72 hours to vacate their apartment. . . .

None of the tenants or applicants complained about the former managers’ faith prior to the run-in with their supervisor.

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