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UN To Officially Welcome Extraterrestrial Aliens!

The United Nations has appointed a Malaysian astrophysicist to act as Earth’s representative to any extraterrestrial visitors who may land on our planet in the future. Dr. Mazlan Othman is the head of the UN’s Office for Outer Space Affairs and will be responsible for coordinating humanity’s response to a close encounter of the third kind.

In the unlikely event that aliens should arrive on our planet, I ask you: Do we really want to be represented by the UN? After all, the UN is one of the most corrupt, ineffective, and inefficient organizations on the planet. If ET did come to visit Earth, would you trust the UN to negotiate with a civilization that would be technologically superior to our own? We have only to look at the history of man to discover how often contact with advanced technological civilizations has ended poorly for the less advanced culture. Would Dr. Othman be meeting with a peaceful, benevolent Vulcan or would she end up as a trophy on the Predator’s wall? Professor Stephen Hawking suggests that first contact with alien visitors would more likely resemble the script of the movie Independence Day.

In any case, this is simply the typical political bureaucracy of the UN supplying Dr. Othman with a title for which she will receive a very large salary (subsidized mostly by the US) to provide an occasional useless report on what an impotent UN should do if confronted with an invasion from Mars. I think this would be an excellent job for Nancy Pelosi who seems to be from another world most of the time anyway.


“Welcome Our New Pastor” And Be Comfortable!

Imagine: Your church has selected or been assigned a new pastor. As part of your church’s community outreach, you want people living in the area to know that you have a new pastor. After all, they may have visited your church before and did not like your old pastor.

As one way to communicate with the local community, you decide to put a message on the marquee in front of the church so that people driving by will read about your new pastor. Now, one very important question is going to be: “What do you say about your new pastor in such a limited space?”

Would you describe him as – “a mighty man of God?” How about describing him as “a man of God”, or “a biblical preacher”, perhaps even “a man who loves God”, or “a man who demonstrates God’s love for His people”? Of course, your imagination is the limit – as long as you are truthful and concise.

If you were called to be the pastor, what would you want the few words on the sign to say about you? If I were called to be a pastor, I would be greatly honored to be called “God’s man” or “a man who has experienced the grace of God.” Whatever is said, I would hope that the words would convey that this church and this minister are all about God, Jesus Christ, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and God’s mercy and grace toward us who are sinners.

While driving home during the past couple of weeks I have noticed a marquee announcing a new pastor at a neighborhood church. The sign reads:


DR. JOHN SMITH (name changed)


What would you assume is important to this church?

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