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Does Congress Even Care About The Constitution?

In the words of Jon N. Hall:

“America once made the required nod to the Constitution. When We the People wanted to make some fundamental change or expand the federal government’s reach, we did the right thing and amended the Constitution. … If we once thought that we had to amend the Constitution to ban ‘intoxicating liquors’ and later had to again amend the Constitution to re-legalize the stuff, wouldn’t we need an amendment to allow the government to intrude even more intimately into our lives? … If Congress were to do the right thing and initiate an amendment to enshrine the ‘individual mandate’ in the Constitution … it would fail miserably. If America is still America, Americans will not tolerate being told they have to buy something, especially if it’s for no other reason than that they exist. … I’m afraid Congress has not only misread the Constitution, but they’ve also misjudged the American people. Or maybe they just don’t know what country they live in.”

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One Response

  1. I’ll never understand why so many Christians are opposed to the compassionate goal of ensuring that all Americans have access to decent health care. Do you really not see the hypocrisy in your opposition to the liberal causet? If the founding fathers were indeed Christian, as so many of you assert, then it is likely they would recognize that people cannot be truly free until they have some semblance of physical security. Most of them would probably support the idea of using taxes to see to the medical needs of everyone.

    Ironically, some of the least Christian nations on the planet (Denmark, Swedon, the Netherlands, France) provide far better compassionate care to the least of their citizens than this so-called Christian nation. The man you claim to revere (Jesus), if he were alive today, would be named a socialist and run out of town.

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves.


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