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    This year I will be sharing brief excerpts from the articles, sermons, and books I am currently reading. My posts will not follow a regular schedule but will be published as I find well-written thoughts that should be of interest to maturing Christian readers. Whenever possible, I encourage you to go to the source and read the complete work of the author.

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When “Patriotism” Comes In Second To “Political Correctness”

islamophobia-rallyCon Coughlin comments on the threat of radical Islam and why western governments are not competing on an equal footing:

Governments also have a crucial role to play – and to judge by response of most Western governments to the threat we face from radical Islamism, we are simply not competing on equal terms with the enemy.

No one can claim that we in Britain don’t understand the nature of the threat we face. In recent months, there has been a succession of reports highlighting the increasingly pernicious influence British Islamists are having on the Nato-led campaign to bring stability to Afghanistan. . . .

Even when incontrovertible proof is found that British Muslims are aiding and abetting the enemy in Afghanistan and elsewhere, the Government’s instinct is to try to cover up their involvement, for fear of further inflaming Islamist sensitivities.

Twice in the past year I have been admonished by our military establishment for revealing details about the support British sympathizers are providing to the Afghan insurgency, whether it involves actually fighting alongside the Taliban or providing them with the means to kill and maim British personnel. Officials did not question the reports’ veracity. On both occasions, I was told that it was simply not helpful to expose such details, as they might cause offence to the Muslim community, or encourage Islamist radicals to intimidate British soldiers returning from combat.

Well, to judge by the disgraceful reception given this week by Muslim demonstrators to members of 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, as they paraded through the centre of Luton, the Islamists are receiving all the encouragement they need, not least in the form of the virulently anti-Western sermons delivered over the internet by the Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, who was banished from Britain in 2005 following the July 7 attacks in London. He has made his approval of the protesters’ actions known, claiming “my brothers from Luton were protesting against people they see as killers of Muslims”.

Nor should we be surprised that the only action taken by Bedfordshire police has been to arrest those who were incensed by the Islamists’ taunts of “criminals” and “terrorists”, aimed at the returning soldiers. . . .

Read the entire article here. . . .

Silencing Christian Pastors

gayfistThe House Judiciary Committee is taking up H.R. 1913, the so-called “hate crimes” bill. Pushed mainly by homosexual activists and their allies, the bill would greatly restrict free speech, which liberals claim to support. There are two other problems with the bill: First, it would provide unequal justice in that two criminals will be treated differently for the same crime based on their motive. Second, a pastor speaking about homosexuality could be guilty for having “counseled” or “induced” a hate crime based on existing federal law.

Should Jack Bauer Be Prosecuted?

PD*25891384Secular progressives (liberals), in their desire for ultimate political control of this nation, often use national security issues to rally their followers to support “the cause”. They do this because they desire political power and are willing to cut their collective nose off in order to spite their collective face. They do not understand that evil can only be confronted from a position of strength.

The character of Jack Bauer on the hit TV series “24” provides a relevant example in the following article.

From: The Pen of Greg Gutfield

So, like you, I enjoy the series “24,” which follows a man trying to save the United States from its enemies, using any means possible. And within one complete day, he succeeds.

Of course, in real life this is impossible – it’s what we call fantasy.

But, not anymore. Today if such actions occurred in real life, it would simply be called criminal. . . .

Continue reading. . . .

If Jack Bauer was a real person who had committed the acts portrayed in the television series “24”, would you favor prosecuting him for human rights violations?

A Zeal For Passionate Teaching

spurgeon1From: The Desk of Charles Spurgeon

If we are intensely anxious to have souls saved we must . . . do a great deal by way of instruction. Sinners are not saved in darkness but from it. . . . Men must be taught concerning themselves, their sin, and their fall; their Savior, redemption, regeneration, and so on. Many awakened souls would gladly accept God’s way of salvation if they did but know it. . . . If the Holy Spirit blesses your teaching, they will see how wrong they have been, and they will be led to repentance and faith. I do not believe in that preaching which lies mainly in shouting, “Believe! believe! believe!” . . . There must be instruction, otherwise the exhortation to believe is manifestly ridiculous, and must in practice be abortive. I fear that some of our orthodox brethren have been prejudiced against the free invitations of the gospel by hearing the raw, undigested harangues of revivalist speakers whose heads are loosely put together. The best way to preach sinners to Christ is to preach Christ to sinners. . . . You may shout, and weep, and plead, but you cannot lead men to believe what they have not heard, nor to receive a truth which has never been set before them.

While giving instruction it is wise to appeal to the understanding. . . . We are to be all things to all men, and to these men we must become argumentative and push them into a corner with plain deductions and necessary inferences. Of carnal reasoning we would have none, but of fair, honest pondering, considering, judging, and arguing the more the better.

The class requiring logical argument is small compared with the number of those who need to be pleaded with, by way of emotional persuasion. They require not so much reasoning as heart-argument – which is logic set on fire. . . . Argument must be quickened into persuasion by the living warmth of love. Cold logic has its force, but when made red hot with affection the power of tender argument is inconceivable. . . . When passionate zeal has carried the man himself away his speech becomes an irresistible torrent, sweeping all before it. A man known to be godly and devout, and felt to be large-hearted and self-sacrificing, has a power in his very person, and his advice and recommendation carry weight because of his character; but when he comes to plead and to persuade, even to tears, his influence is wonderful, and God the Holy Spirit yokes it into his service. Brethren, we must plead.

Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students, Volume 3, Lecture 10: “On Conversion as our Aim.”

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