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Who Is The Founder Of America?

John Calvin

John Calvin

Quoting Loraine Boettner:

‘If the average American citizen were asked, who was the founder of America, the true author of our great Republic, he might be puzzled to answer. We can imagine his amazement at hearing the answer given to this question by the famous German historian, Ranke, one of the profoundest scholars of modern times. Says Ranke, ‘John Calvin was the virtual founder of America.”

D’Aubigne, whose history of the Reformation is a classic, writes: ‘Calvin was the founder of the greatest of republics. The Pilgrims who left their country in the reign of James I, and landing on the barren soil of New England, founded populous and mighty colonies, were his sons, his direct and legitimate sons; and that American nation which we have seen growing so rapidly boasts as its father the humble Reformer on the shore of Lake Leman.’

Dr. E. W. Smith says, ‘These revolutionary principles of republican liberty and self-government, taught and embodied in the system of Calvin, were brought to America, and in this new land where they have borne so mighty a harvest were planted, by whose hands? – the hands of the Calvinists. The vital relation of Calvin and Calvinism to the founding of the free institutions of America, however strange in some ears the statement of Ranke may have sounded, is recognized and affirmed by historians of all lands and creeds.’

All this has been thoroughly understood and candidly acknowledged by such penetrating and philosophic historians as Bancroft, who far though he was from being Calvinistic in his own personal convictions, simply calls Calvin ‘the father of America,’ and adds: ‘He who will not honor the memory and respect the influence of Calvin knows but little of the origin of American liberty.’

4 Responses

  1. I did a search in Google “John Calvin father of America.”
    I thank God Almighty for having found this article.
    What really puzzles me, that many of my friends who are graduates of Calvin College in Holland Michigan reject this truth out of handwhen I asked them about this idea. Furthermore they show no interest in this subject either. Indeed they “know but little of the origin of American liberty.”
    I suspect that the illuminati is fully aware of the Calvinistic influence in the formation of the free Republic that America used to be. I suspect that the illuminati therefore decided to build the New World Order on the ruins of Americarelentless of America.
    It seems to me that from their standpoint this was the way to go.


  2. American history has now been “sanitized” in our educational institutions in order to conform with the power hungry agenda of secular progressives.


  3. Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan would more fittingly be called Erasmus College, since they have gone back to the “mother fold” in many respects. For decades, John Calvin, the man and his teachings, have been disparaged by many of the liberal elite professors there, and so it is no surprise that its graduates are totally confused (and often ignorant) about their college’s namesake. My girlfriend who attended Calvin thought he was Dutch!I have a textbook from my older sister on John Calvin which was used in the mid-60s in a course by the same name. It was written by a feminist who decried that no one had set back women’s rights more since the apostle Paul than John Calvin. Jaundiced opinion, poisonin the young minds in her classes towards this man. His vindication will come on that Great Day.

    On July 10th, we should all send out emails with true information about him, beginning with this website.


  4. If you wish to contest those that dispute your ideas, it would be helpful to cite primary sources. In this case, Leopold von Ranke’s much quoted line must appear in Ranke’s writings somewhere. Locate that. Instead, you are adding to the secondary and tertiary sources on the web that repeat this line.

    I rather suspect that if Ranke did, in fact, make this statement, he was criticizing the degree to which American culture and the political institutions of the United States are grounded in the world of the New England Pilgrims and Puritans. That’s my hypothesis. I won’t present it as fact until I locate Ranke’s text and study the context.


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