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The Nazi Spirit Is Alive And Well In Gaza

Cal Thomas points out that the appeasement of modern Islamo-fascists works hamasnaziabout as well as the European appeasement of Hitler in the 1930’s. When will the western nations cease to pressure Israel to allow its own destruction? Cal Thomas writes:

Hamas, a group designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department, are the Nazis of modern times. Israel is right to pound military targets inside Gaza, but much of the violence Israel brought on itself by giving up land it had to know would be used to reign down death on its civilians. That is always the pattern.

Why is anyone surprised that after Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, the vacuum created was quickly filled by Hamas, whose sole purpose is the destruction of the “Zionist entity,” as it likes to call Israel, and the killing of as many Jews as possible? The fiction, which is greater than a belief in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, is that Israel, or the United States, or anyone else, can do anything that will deter Hamas from its objective. What did anyone expect when Israel pulled out of Gaza? The establishment of a Disney theme park, perhaps?

Jews are vermin and less than human, Hamas says. Oh, wait. Wasn’t the same said of the Jews by the Nazis? The only difference is that today’s killers don’t speak German. . . .

Continue reading Cal Thomas’ article here. . . .

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