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Anti-Israeli UN Is A Stumbling Block To Democracy And Peace

israel4threichThe current majority of anti-democratic nations and anti-Israeli sentiment makes the UN resolutions opposing Israel’s attack on Hamas both inevitable and self-serving. The UN’s inaction on Iranian nuclear cheating and its inability to stop Muslims from committing genocide in Darfur is clear evidence of hypocrisy. The UN would have us believe that Israel is guilty of committing a Nazi-like holocaust against peaceful Palestinians whose innocent fireworks’ displays have offended the intolerant Israelis.

Don’t you find it interesting that Libya has been given leadership of the UN human rights section? Other dictatorships have also been placed in key positions. The UN has a long record of quickly evacuating the moral high ground in favor of the interests of dictatorships with no regards for human rights. It is little surprise that Islamofascists have managed to get a majority of member nations to condemn Israel’s defense of its borders and citizens.

Corruption, financial scandals, and espionage should have resulted in the exile of the UN from American soil decades ago. The United States currently pays a minimum of 22% of the UN’s total operating budget. The UN Charter describes its primary purpose as “to maintain international peace.” It has consistently and clearly failed in this mission. In fact, in many instances, the UN has facilitated the continuation of wars, genocide, and human rights violations.

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