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Tolerating Our Self-Destruction

islamicjihadbomberdemo424_0The Mumbai massacre was not a random act of violence and hatred. The perpetrators were young Muslim extremists raised on a steady diet of hatred. Yet the media refuses to name the terrorists’ religion. The terrorists, however, are not so reluctant to identify their motivation. In Mumbai, they referred to themselves as “mujahideen”-Islamic warriors. They are educated in madrassas – Islamic religious schools. The Koran is their authority, and they follow Muslim imams, who issue religious decrees justifying the murder of infidels. Gary Bauer writes in his article “Islamo-Fascists Won’t Negotiate”:

It is a glaring fact that radical Islam is the common denominator in many of the most violent places in the world. It is a sad fact that in India, as in almost every other place where radical Islam has revealed itself, few in the media or in politics are willing to identify what the real problem is.

The media’s reluctance to identify the Mumbai attackers as “Muslim” has been scandalous. As the terrible events unfolded last week, CNN commentators repeatedly referred to the attackers simply as “terrorists” or “extremists.” In one three-hour period, the word “Islamic” was used only once. Statements by many world leaders were no better. The typical statement merely pledged to defeat terrorism without ever specifying who the terrorists were or what their motives might be. . . .

The Mumbai massacre was yet another reminder of an evil ideology whose adherents are willing to violate every rule of war and all societal norms in their quest for power. We have seen their work time and time again – here on 9/11; in the London subway attacks; in Spain; in Indonesia; in Beslan, Russia, where helpless school children were shot in the back; and in scores of other attacks too numerous to list. . . .

It is disgraceful that while our enemy screams who he is, we are more concerned mainly with not appearing intolerant. . . .

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