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Why Is America In An Energy Crisis?

The US is a country with enormous energy resources. Yet, energy prices continue to soar and our national economy has run into tough times. How long do you think it will be before we are paying $7 or $8 dollars for a gallon of gas? What are our Congressmen doing for the folks at home? They have become the lackeys of environmental fascism.

We are now witnessing the effects of years of insane government policies. Law suits, regulations, and federal bureaucracies have virtually halted further development of our natural resources. These impediments are destroying our standard of living, our economy, and the effectiveness of our national security. This has all taken place while we have had the potential of being the leader in energy production. Instead, our politicians have become so mesmerized by the “green fiction” that we are just a few years away from totally “clean energy,” that they are willing to place the economic welfare of your family on the sacrificial chopping block of global warming mania.

The current energy bill, which is advertised as “pro-drilling,” passed by the House is an election year fraud designed to help “green Congressmen” say they voted to drill when they actually voted to remove incentives for drilling. Despite Congress’s kowtowing to their lobbying machine, the environmentalists’ arguments against drilling are the equivalent to a bad science-fiction movie plot. Environmental fascism will oppose drilling for oil and natural gas in the US no matter what facts are presented. Now that there are some technological advances in solar and wind power production, environmentalists are blocking its development with the same hysterical tactics.

The environmentalists, Al Gore, and the green politicians in Washington have for decades been promoting policies and legislation that are ultimately anti-human. Their actions, intentionally or unintentionally, if pursued to the end result – will decimate the human race like a plague and return North America to a wilderness. But then, this is exactly what some environmentalists advocate – referring to the human race as a virus that is destroying beautiful Mother Earth. If there are no people, however, who will enjoy this beauty?

In the light of our recent economic problems, anyone in Washington who does not see that relaxing the restrictions on the development of oil and gas resources; removing the ability of environmentalist’s lawsuits blocking the development of nuclear energy, building dams, wind turbines, and solar farms – would be a gigantic boost to employment and our economic prosperity – must be voted out of office in November. Otherwise, the problem is us.

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