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Sarah Palin: What Is A Woman’s Place In Politics?

The liberal media and even some Christians question the role of a conservative woman in political office. Gary DeMar, in his article “Should Sarah Palin be in Politics?” shares some thoughts on this from a Christian perspective. He writes:

Nearly all the articles I’ve read on why Palin should not be in politics make reference to Deborah and why she can’t be a favorable example under certain conditions. I disagree. First, God Himself establishes Deborah as a judge. When the people “cried out to the Lord,” Judge Deborah was the answer to their prayers (Judges 4:2-3).

Second, Judges 4:4 God is making a point. . . The point of the chapter is to make it clear that a woman is judging Israel. When the Bible offers such detail, we need to pay close attention to the message.

Third, there is no condemnation of Deborah. In fact, we learn that the place where she judged is eventually named after her: “the palm tree of Deborah” (4:5). . . .

Fourth, contrary to one blog I read, Deborah is a true judge in Israel. She certainly did not force herself into office. Her authority was legitimate and recognized by the people, so much so that she could call on Barak to muster the troops to defend Israel against Jabin king of Canaan (4:6-7). . . .

Fifth, if God had disapproved of Deborah as a judge, it seems to me that Israel would have lost the battle with Jabin. . . .

There is no doubt that the judgeship of Deborah is out of the ordinary, but the period of the judges is not a normal period in Israel’s history. The men are weak, as Barak’s response indicates (4:8), and the people were generally unrighteous with every man doing “what was right in his own eyes” (17:6). . . .

Why did Sarah Palin run to head the PTA? Where were the worthy men? Why did she run for mayor of Wasilla? Where were the worthy men? How did she beat an incumbent governor in the primary and go on to win the governorship? Where were the worthy men in this long election process? It seems to me that Sarah Palin got fed up and decided to do something about what was happening to her children’s school, her city, and her state. Sarah Palin’s candidacy is an indictment on the many men who have compromised their principles.

Read this entire article at American Vision. . . .

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