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Tis The Season To Buy Votes

Gary North is a follower of economists Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard. He is an Austrian School economic analyst. His formal academic training was in history (Ph.D). Since 1974, he has edited the financial newsletter, Remnant Review. He also formerly served as Research Assistant for Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX). The following is from his twice-weekly e-letter, Gary North’s Reality Check:

“Politicians buy votes. The way that modern politicians buy votes is to appeal to the larceny in men’s hearts, and simultaneously to appeal to their charitable inclinations. They come to the voters in the name of the poor, and propose legislation that will extract wealth from the rich. The politicians claim that in this way, the rich will be forced by righteous people to help the poor. . . .

“Intellectuals are suckers for any politician who comes to them in the name of their own intelligence and wisdom. There is no crackpot scheme so nutty that some academic will not support if he thinks that the scheme will lead to a transfer of power to people just like him. . . .

“Voters want to believe that somebody up there likes them. Somebody up there in Washington is looking out for their interests. This is self-deception on a massive scale. The voters cling to this faith because they are attempting to transfer responsibility away from themselves. They want to make certain that nobody blames them for the bonehead decisions that they make. When they make these decisions, and their schemes blow up, they appeal to government agencies to bail them out.

“In this respect, the voters are exactly alike the elitists who have gained control over the commercial banks, the great financial institutions of Wall Street, and the non-government supported agencies that invariably get government support whenever their bonehead decisions produce massive losses.

“Everybody wants a bailout when he gets into trouble. The problem is, the bailout institution of last resort is the Federal Reserve System. The ultimate bailout always comes to this: the expansion of the money supply. The Federal Reserve System intervenes to buy the debt of the Federal government, government- sponsored agencies, and now commercial banks and financial institutions. Always, the solution is the same: create more fiat money.

“We’re back to the insight of the modern Adam Smith. The government cannot tolerate unemployment. The reason why the government cannot tolerate unemployment is because the voters will not tolerate incumbent politicians who appear to tolerate unemployment by doing nothing.

“The politicians do not know what to do except pass legislation that extracts money from the rich and transfers this money to the unemployed. This raises a problem. The super-rich always have ways of avoiding the extraction of new taxes.

“Increased tax rates do not produce increased revenues in a recession. So, the only way for the government to pay for the new programs that will get people back to work is to borrow the money. They can borrow from the rich or they can borrow from the Federal Reserve System. But they will borrow. This increases the Federal debt. . . .

“We are in a debt-inflation-debt cycle. We increase our debt as individuals, as shareholders of corporations, and as voters.

“Why? In order to live high on the hog now and pay it off later.

“Then, when the bills come due, we demand that somebody else intervene to help us pay our debts. That someone is the Federal Reserve System.

“So, the Federal Reserve System expands money supply, prices go up, the boom reappears, people go back to work, they spend more money, and they go into debt even more. When the Federal Reserve System ceases to inflate the money at the older, higher rate, the public finds that it cannot pay off its debts, and businesses start going under. The public demands that the government intervene once again to reduce the rate of unemployment. ‘The music goes round and round — oh, oh, oh, oh — and it comes out here.’


“We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Christian Duty

The words “Christian duty” are not often used today, but what do they mean for the Christian in practical experience? Christ means for us to be “doers” in our Christianity and not merely hearers. We prove the reality of our love for Christ by keeping his commandments. Each one of us is given the opportunity of glorifying Him in some way.

The poorest as well as the richest among us have a sphere of influence through which we may act to our Lord’s praise. Whether our health, our intelligence, our profession, our example or wealth, we should use all to the glory of God. We are to live as one who knows his Lord is coming tomorrow and that we shall have to give an account of our time’s use. Are you prepared to do so?

We must ask ourselves if we are living as those who look vigilantly for the return of Christ. The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in a moment of time. Are you ready? All men (and some to their terror) will know the Lord of lords and King of kings. Are you prepared for the kingdom of Jesus Christ?

The purpose of our Bible and the work of the Holy Spirit is to prepare us to meet our God. If anything is preventing the progress of this work within you, it should be cast aside. Commit yourself to conformity with the mind of Christ. Practice holiness. Labor for the health of your soul. Provoke others to love and good works. There is no greater “Christian duty” than living your Christian faith before an unconverted people to the glory of God.

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