Terrorist Wanted To Blow Up The Center For Disease Control

Two men, Syed Haris Ahmed and Ehsanul Sadequee of Atlanta, Georgia were arrested on April 20th 2006 for plotting to blow up the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta GA. The men had discussed on the phone with Toronto terrorists other attacks on oil refineries and military bases. They also planned to disable the Global Positioning System (GPS), which would disrupt military and commercial communications and air traffic (thank you Patriot Act).

Both men were Georgia Tech students. They could get info on what side of the CDC building the smallpox is stored. They planned to load a Ryder Rental truck with fertilizer, diesel fuel, and a detonator; drive it into the side of the CDC building and blow it up. Then smallpox would be passed into the air and any injured or first responders would be infected. Then hospital personal caring for the injured would be infected and the next thing you know – one million people are dead and Atlanta and the South East are devastated. This is Muslim terrorist jihad.

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